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Strong Relationship with Home Depot

Built From Scrath

One of the cornerstones of Jim's experience is his long and successful relationship with The Home Depot.

Jim's experience and successes are highlighted in the chapter Strategic Partners. In 1994, Jim worked extensively with GE CEO Jack Welch, and Home Depot founders Bernie Marcus and Pat Farrah. The task of rebuilding the strategic partnership was given to him. It spanned the product lines of lighting, appliances, electrical products, paint sundries, consumer credit, and others. This ultimately led to GE's supplier of the year in 2000.

From the Chapter: Strategic Partnerships in Built from Scratch.
All of these deals led Welch to assign one person, Jim Painter, to oversee all of GE's existing and potential business with The Home Depot. Welch gave Painter- whom we've dealt with for many years- a lot of clout. Now Painter can go directly to various GE divisions and say, "Hey this is what we need to do with Home Depot". In 1998, Painter saved at least six deals. Whatever inkling of an opportunity there is, we'll be there," Painter told us.

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