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Message from the President

During the past 30 years, I have honed my skills with the best companies in their industries and gained in-depth knowledge of highly effective best practices, through both their successes and failures. I have learned through working with these giants, how to apply decades of proven business processes to help drive the success of your business, take out the cost of poor quality and improve efficiencies. As a consultant to many of the top brands, suppliers and retailers, I can tell you, there is no single answer, but rather applying a myriad of methods and practices customized for your business.


James G. Painter

Our team has over 100 + years of experience in the Hardware, Home Improvement and Home Building industries. In working with both large and small companies; I have never found the answer to be one single adjustment but I do believe a critical mistake most make is not listening to the voice of the customer. Experience has taught me; too many businesses silo their operations and do not build the proper business charters. They also fail to bring in the all the business stakeholders. The ARC team understands the critical elements to build a successful business plan.

One of my favorite quotes is by Winston Churchill who stated "plans are nothing. Planning is everything." My experiences support these words of wisdom. Most all companies I have worked with can tell you "where they want to go" but don’t spend the proper time on the planning processes. More crucial, the focus is lost in not applying the proven business practices to reach your goal.

In today's market the cost of doing business is escalating for suppliers, retailers and home builders. The economic crisis is having a devastating impact on those who do not apply the best proven methods. Not only do you have to be right but you need to act with speed. Jack Welch said to me and a group of GE business leaders, "Do you know of anyone who at the end of a business plan, said 'I wish I would have done it slower?" To ensure your company’s growth in this challenging economy, I believe it is absolutely necessary to develop a customized planning process with proven best practices which is executed effectively, efficiently and with SPEED. Our team can work with you to apply these best practices to achieve a successful end game.

I invite you to review our services and talk with us. ATLANTA RETAIL CONSULTANTS, LLC is skilled in positioning companies, large and small, to attain their business and profit goals. We can help, so please contact us or feel free to contract me by telephone or email.

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